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venerdì 20 marzo 2020

What's this blog?

This blog is intended for all those who have an interest in Italian history, culture and traditions; 
provided that all these three are linked by more than a 2000 year old heritage, the subjects that shall be examined here will embrace an extremely long period in time and even though they would not seem to have an immediate connection one with the other to the superficial eye, it is quite clear that
they are all part of the same "melting pot" of experiences, suggestions, traditions and multifaceted 
elements of interpretation that have, ever since the rising of ancient Rome to the stable heights of 
a consolidated regional - and international - power, provided the ground elements for the definition of such an incredible varied history, such as Italy can tell itself proud to have.
I hope that here and there some aspects which have proven to some of you to be a bit obscure can be better defined through the eye of someone who has always had a lifelong passion for the subject and who wishes this can be shared with others.

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